An unexpected power outage can create a lot of panic and stress in your home. From communication issues to transportation, power outages are a challenge not just for you, but for entire communities. Read below to learn how to prepare for the next outage! 

5 Power Outage Safety Tips

  1. Disconnect Electronics: Disconnect all electronics to avoid electrical surges. Keep gas stoves off and don’t use generators indoors or near windows. Check to see if your neighbor’s power is out as well and if in case of an emergency, safely change locations if in need of heat or cooling 
  2. Preparation: Before the power goes out, a little preparation can make a situation a lot better. Prepare in advance with extra batteries, light alternatives, blankets, canned food, bottled water, and other nonperishables. Local alerts can be set up to a cellular phone to get updates on the latest local warnings. 
  3. Avoid Using Phones and Cars: In case of an emergency, you want to save all the phone battery and gas that you can, so avoid using them as much as possible. 
  4. Keep Refrigerators Shut: If the power goes out, close your refrigerator and keep a thermometer inside of it to know if the power has been restored. Your fridge will have about 48 hours without power before the food goes bad. 
  5. Prevention Pack List: Here are some more items to add to prevent any safety issues in case of a power outage: Portable radio, Flashlight, Spare batteries, Candles, Matches, Lighter, warm clothing, tape, first aid kit, and a cooler. 

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