As a homeowner, there are a lot of projects you can do yourself to spruce up your space or fix any issues that might arise. While DIY might be good for cultivating a deeper understanding and connection to your home, some things should not be taken into your own hands, such as your home’s electrical system. Electrical repairs that are done incorrectly are dangerous and could lead to shocks, fires, or other issues throughout your home, that’s why hiring a professional electrician can ensure your safety and make sure everything is up to code.

Top 5 Reasons To Call An Electrician

Wire Damage:
It can be hard to tell at times if there’s wire damage, but if you can visually see the wear and tear, it’s time to call an electrician. Sometimes an inspection may be needed to get a deeper look.

Flickering Lights:
If lights are flickering on and off, that’s usually a good sign to call an electrician. Sometimes when you turn on appliances like hairdryers, it can cause lamps or other appliances to flicker. Motor-driven appliances generally create a lot of currents, especially when they aren’t wired to a dedicated circuit.

Warm Outlets:
Ever get a burn or touch an outlet that’s oddly warm? Warm or burning outlets usually mean there is wire or circuit damaging, depending on when your home was built and the types of wires were involved. Another sign that your outlets are heating up, is black marks, usually a burn, near the outlet holes.

Rust & Water Damage:
Check underneath your home’s service panels for any rust or unwanted moisture. If the panels are not working properly, the main wiring in your home could be at risk or it could be a sign of a smaller issue located in your electrical system.

Hire A Pro:
If you can’t reach or see where the problem is, consider hiring a pro for good measure! Redesigning a space in your home? Call an electrician to see if your renovations will involve new wiring or other electrical work.

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