These days it seems like everyone is trying to save money, and for good reason. With an uncertain economic forecast, saving money might seem like a daunting task but with small changes, it’s not only doable but can become a great lifelong habit. Here are some ways to start saving on your electric bill today, according to The Spruce.

Get an Energy Audit
Many utility companies offer a free home energy audit to customers, and it is well worth taking advantage of. If there is no such program in your area, conduct your own energy audit instead. It will clue you into areas where you could trim your energy use.

Install Dimmer Switches
The key to saving energy is within reach. Switch to dimmer switches, so you only use as much light as you need.

Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Full
Everyone always tells you to keep the fridge closed. But did you know that keeping your fridge and freezer full can also save money? Food acts as insulation and lessens the amount of time that the fridge has to run to stay cool.

Install Ceiling Fans
Keep the air circulating in your home with ceiling fans so your air conditioner does not have to work as hard.

Line Dry Your Laundry
Set up a clothesline in your backyard, and let Mother Nature dry your laundry. If this is not an option, consider hanging clothes on a drying rack or shower rod. If you do not like line-drying due to the way the clothes feel, learn how to keep line-dried clothes from getting stiff.

Shield Your Home From the Sun
Cut down on your air conditioning use by closing curtains and blinds on the sunny side of your home. For even more savings, consider installing tinted window film.

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