Your outdoor space is a sanctuary, an extension of your home. In the past few years, more people have revamped their patios and outdoor living spaces to make them more conducive to spending more time in the fresh air. From cozy furniture, luscious greens, and outdoor kitchens to smokeless fireplaces and dining tables, there is so much you can do to make your outdoor living your favorite place to relax. 
Lighting is one element that can pack a huge punch in the ambiance of your outdoor living space and garden. Strategically placed lighting serves practical purposes but also can transform dark areas, showcase plants, and be a warm welcome to visitors. We have some ideas for you to enjoy your patio and garden into the evening, illuminating your magical outdoor space. 

Types of Outdoor Lighting  
The first step is to determine which garden lights will best accommodate the features of your property. There are three main types of garden lighting. 
  • Main-powered lights. These are wired into your home and typically have a more complex installation process. These are great options if you want a lighting source for your garden all year round. 
  • Battery-operated lights. Battery-operated lights are relatively low maintenance for already established landscapes. Homeowners can add them easily; however, many people find replacing batteries every few weeks tedious. 
  • Solar-powered lights. This type of lighting is a popular choice due to the ease of installation and sustainable power source (the sun!) In addition, many gardens have solar lights along pathways primarily used in summertime. 

Garden Lighting Locations  
  • Illuminate trees and foliage. Well-placed lighting at the base of trees or among your plants can help to create a magical glow in your garden area. Choose places where the light can be tucked among your plants to avoid it being too harsh and allow you to use the shadows for ambiance.
  • Illuminate walkways. Visitors to your garden will appreciate the gentle guidance of a well-lit walkway. There are a variety of pathway lights to choose from, based on the style of your outdoor space. Choose from path lights recessed into the ground or more decorative ones that rise above the grass. 
  • Wall illumination. If you have a retaining wall or other wall-like feature, you can incorporate lighting in the design to create stunning shadows and illuminate your stone. In addition, Wall lighting can add a particularly homey feeling to an outdoor space. 
  • Dining Space Lighting. If you enjoy hosting meals in your garden space, consider having brighter lighting options for when your guests are eating. Many people have turned to simple string lighting strung across the top of their patio to add light to their spaces. Additionally, some umbrellas come with lights built in and controlled by a remote. 
The biggest thing to remember when choosing how to light your garden space is that there is no right or wrong way to illuminate the area. Like decorating your home, personal preference is essential in deciding how to use accent lighting in your garden. 

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