Are you ready to install a home security system but not sure where you want to start? Security lighting systems are a great way to protect your home and family. Lights can often make it look like you’re home or awake, and turn an intruder away. 

When you think of security lighting do you think of lights outside your house? If you do you’re right. However, there’s more. Security lighting can also be installed on the inside of your house as well. Here are some home security lighting tips for both indoor and outdoor lights. 

Exterior Lights

1. Location of Light
    It’s important that you choose a fixture that will put the light where you need it. Do you want a light to hang overhead and shine down, or do you want low-level path lights? Do you want the light to focus on one specific spot, or do you want the light to cover a large area? These are some questions to ask yourself when deciding what kind of light you want to purchase. 

    Another tip about the location of the light is to have them placed high and out of reach. By having lights where intruders can reach them, you’re giving them the possibility of being able to turn them off quickly or breaking the bulb before you or someone else notices them there. 

      Next, you’ll want to look for fixtures and components that are made to be outside. It sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. You’ll want to make sure that lights under a roof such as porch lights, can tolerate dampness, and lights that are on an exposed exterior wall or out in your yard are weatherproof and made to last long term. 

      3. Motion Detector
        These lights are one of your best options when installing security lighting. The best place to put these lights is either on your garage or backdoors. Motion detectors only come on when someone or something goes past them, making them very energy efficient and can help you cut down on your energy bill. 

        Interior Lights

        1. Sensor Lights
        Indoor lights are just as important as outdoor lights. Don’t make the mistake of installing a security lighting system without them. Indoor lights with sensors turn on when motion is detected and startle the intruder who is in your house. These lights are great to have when you are away from your home. 

        2. Timers
        Lights on timers can also assist homeowners with security lighting. By having lights on timers you are able to leave lights on in the house when you are gone to make it look like you are home. It also helps save on your electricity because you set when you want them to go on and off, and will not be on for the entire duration that you’re gone. Finally, they help save the lightbulb by not burning out as quickly too. 

        Control Options

        You have a few options for how you want to control your security lighting system. One is by manual switching the lights on and off when you want to. Another is by having timers on the lights. This way allows you to set a time that you want the lights to come on, and turn off. A different option you have is to install lights that automatically turn on when it gets dark out, and turn off when it gets light out. The last one is the motion sensor lights. As stated earlier, these lights only turn on when someone or something goes past it. 

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        Photo by: Sixties Photography